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New York
United States


Arabic Children's Stories in Colloquial Dialects - قُصَصْ بالعربيّة العَامِيِّة للأَطْفال 

Children's Stories in Colloquial Arabic

'The Girl Who Lost Her Imagination'

Follow our young heroine Sheherazade as she explores a world of colors and delight in an adventure set in New York City. Available in hardcover.

'Where shall i hide?'

Sheherazade will return later this year in a new adventure exploring shapes and sizes. To catch up with her, you can pre-order here.

zada will return crop.png

For an Amazon Kindle eBook edition, click here.

I wanted to read books to my daughter in the colloquial Arabic that she hears and speaks every day, not in formal Arabic. I couldn’t find them, so I decided to write them myself.
— Reem Makhoul to Mashallah News