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Arabic Children's Stories in Colloquial Dialects - قُصَصْ بالعربيّة العَامِيِّة للأَطْفال 

Children's Books and Games in Arabic

We write stories in colloquial Arabic because we believe children best learn the language through the words they hear and speak every day. 
“The Girl Who Lost Her Imagination” and “Where Shall I Hide?” follow a young girl named Sheherazade. Both books are in Shami and Egyptian dialects.

NEW for the holidays: we are now selling Daradam's Arabic games.

ARABICUBES | Arabic Alphabet Cubes by DARADAM


ARABICUBES | Arabic Alphabet Cubes by DARADAM


For months, we at Ossass have been playing with educational games in Arabic produced by our friends at Daradam. We used them to teach our daughter, Sheherazade, the Arabic alphabet, and the names and flags of the countries around the Arab world. Now we're offering them for sale in our online store. 

إشتروا اللعبة | Buy The Game

An intergenerational game in the form of wooden blocks that facilitates the learning of writing in Arabic by manipulating the letters of the alphabet in all their forms.

With Arabicubes, the child may:
– Identify letters and understand their different forms of writing (at the beginning, middle or end of the word)
– Actually form words with the cubes (48 in total)
– Read more easily the words written in Arabic through elements of vocalization shaped “half cube”, you can position beneath and above the letters.
– Handle very light cubes in linden wood, adapted to the size of small hands and discover arabesque motifs.

42 cubes, 35x35x35mm, with letters and 6 “half cubes” of 17x35x35mm with accents.

Material: solid wood screen printed on the 6 faces.

Manual: printed on the back of the box in Arabic, French and English.

Tested and complies with CE regulations.

For children aged 2 +